Christian Counselling

If you are Christian,  you may find it reassuring to know that your beliefs are understood and may want your spirituality to be openly included in your counselling journey.  With Christian counselling, and a shared understanding of Christian values, we can concentrate on exploring the issues that are important to you. Whilst I am a Christian,  in the context of counselling, it is your faith and beliefs that are important, not mine.

I believe that good counselling takes place from a non judgemental and accepting standpoint.  My personal beliefs, or those of another counsellor, should never impact on the counselling process.  The journey should be led by the client’s needs, regardless of their creed, worldview or belief system.  The strength of this approach is that the counselling process is dynamic and tailor-made: it meets the individual at their own point in their personal and spiritual journey.

Counselling sessions are an opportunity for you to talk through and explore issues and challenges you are facing, rather than a place for prayer or ministry which can compliment therapy wonderfully but best engaged with elsewhere.

My role through Christian counselling is to create a safe, warm and non-judgemental environment in which you can explore your issues and discover who you are.

Please contact me if you would like to know more.

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