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Our Approach to Counselling

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“I like to use a metaphor of working with a patchwork quilt to explain my approach to counselling…”  Louise Keyes

People, Counselling and Patchwork Quilts


If you look closely at patchwork quilt you will notice that it is made up of many pieces of fabric which are then bound onto a bigger piece of material.  To make a robust quilt that can be thrown about, used as a blanket, slept on by the cat or even turned into a tent by children, a variety of threads, stitches and sewing equipment are needed at different times.  Each of the fabrics has different qualities: some are strong, some delicate, some beautiful and some ugly, but put together they make an item of great value.

People are like patchwork quilts!  Just as the quilt is made up of many different pieces, there are many aspects to us: for example, our personality, beliefs, emotions and physical health.  Some are strong, some delicate, some beautiful and some ugly, but together they create a valuable person.

Counselling: Repairing the Patchwork Quilt

At times, a quilt needs attention to strengthen and repair it so that it can remain robust.  Depending on the repair it needs, a variety of threads, stitches or tools will be used.  In a similar way, when difficulties are faced in life, people may benefit from different approaches to help bring them back to health.

So, what does that mean for people coming to Newcastle Counselling?

I recognise that everyone is unique, formed by their life experiences and their genetic makeup.  Because people are so different, it makes little sense to have a “one size fits all” approach.  Instead, it seems logical to me to use counselling styles and techniques tailored to where each individual finds their self at that particular moment in time.  In effect, I have a “counselling tool box” or “sewing kit” to draw on to help clients discover themselves and their own healing.

Just as an enthusiastic quilter enjoys learning new techniques and growing their sewing kit, my approach to counselling means I enjoy attending further training courses and reading professional journals.  This means that I can keep my skills sharp and learn new ways to benefit clients who choose to work with me.

What is counselling like at Newcastle Counselling?

People come to Newcastle Counselling for all sorts of reasons.  I see it as my role to create a safe, warm and non-judgemental environment in which you can explore your issues and discover who you are.  I recognise that it can be anxiety provoking to meet someone and disclose things that may not have been said before.   I will work alongside you to help you identify your goals and walk with you on your journey as you achieve them.

At Newcastle Counselling, each session lasts for 50 minutes.  Our approach is to typically hold sessions weekly, but it can be tailored to an individual’s needs: sometimes more or less frequent sessions can be beneficial.  The number of sessions a person needs is dependent on each individual’s needs. Many people find six to eight sessions is just right whilst others benefit from fewer or more. Some benefit from support on an on-going basis. Sessions usually take place in Gosforth or online.  If you would like to chat about my approach or anything else then please feel free to contact me.

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People usually know when they want to bring counselling to an end.  However, at times counselling can raise issues that are painful and uncomfortable and leave people unsure whether they want to continue with the process.  If that happens, I encourage you to talk to me before giving up on therapy to make sure that it is the right decision for you and that you have access to support.

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If you would like to ask me a question about counselling, then please contact me.