Clouds and Me

Perfect cumulus clouds over Beadnell.  (C) L. Keyes 2012
Perfect cumulus clouds over Beadnell. (C) L. Keyes 2012

I love clouds.  In fact I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  I also love the colour blue, so I am in heaven when there is a beautiful blue sky punctuated with clouds.

Looking at clouds fuels my imagination as if I was a child.  I can spend hours spotting dragons, elephants, faces and a whole host of other things hiding amongst the cumulus clouds.  I love the wispiness of cirrus clouds and the way they seem to “chill”, relaxing in the sunny sky, (unlike cumulus which can be still or rushing around depending on how their mood takes them).  Today I saw a cirrus cloud that closely resembled a giant jellyfish!

It is important to find time to relax.  This is not something that comes easily to most of us and is a skill that needs to be learned.  For me, I love to watch the clouds.  They engage a different part of my imagination: a fun part, a contemplative and reflective part and a part that enjoys the wonder of nature.  These distract me from the thoughts in my head, providing me with breathing space from the speeding world I find myself in.

Clouds are a simple thing, and fortunately, in the UK are usually present in abundance!
What simple thing can you find to help you relax or distract you from the busyness of your mind today?

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