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How many chimney pots?

Hi, Louise here from Newcastle Counselling. I am a counsellor and EFT practitioner based in Newcastle upon Tyne. As autumn approaches, I’ve been enjoying the light as it plays down on buildings and through the leaves on trees. I’ve been reflecting on how it can help ease the feelings of stress in our lives. The […]

Are You Missing Out?

When I was at primary school, the bell would ring three times to mark a change in lessons.  Whenever there was a fire drill, the same bell would ring continuously for a time.  If it was a lesson change-over or lunch time you had to line up by the classroom door.  If it was the […]

A Game of Chess Anyone?

As anyone knows who has played me chess with me, I have one strategy, split into two parts. Get both Queens off the board as soon as possible. Eliminate at least half the pieces on each side as soon as possible. For me, the only way for me to find a way through the game […]

What does this picture say to you?

I have asked a few people about this picture and it has been described in different ways. Some talked about the “physical properties” of the picture (for example, it’s a trike outside a house,” others talked about the trike, for others the photo provoked their own memories or caused them to project stories onto the […]

Are you up for some criticism?

Or, when criticism comes do you feel like hiding? When a person feels valued, they are more likely to be open and receptive to what is said to them. Have you ever been in the position where someone is giving you some well-meaning advice?  Perhaps that advice is sorely needed (making mistakes and needing guidance […]

“I want a sticker!”

Before I trained as a counsellor, I was a dentist. On this particular day, with her mother, a confident 8 year old walked into my surgery, “I want a sticker,” she said. Reassuring her that she could choose a sticker at the end of the appointment I asked if she would climb up onto the […]

Superman Visits the Dentist

Working as a dentist, I met some really interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  One of my favourites was when a three (and a half!) year old Superman came along with his parents for his first dental check-up. He had come to see me because his parents felt that it was important that […]