How many chimney pots?

Hi, Louise here from Newcastle Counselling. I am a counsellor and EFT practitioner based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

As autumn approaches, I’ve been enjoying the light as it plays down on buildings and through the leaves on trees. I’ve been reflecting on how it can help ease the feelings of stress in our lives.

The benefits of exercise are well known. Going for a walk can help us when we feel down, release tension when we feel stressed and give our minds greater clarity. I would like to suggest a small change to the way you walk so that you can reap even greater benefits.

When you walk, I would like you to count the chimney pots! Or look at the light through the leaves on the trees. Or decipher the clouds into mythical creatures. Try this for a week and notice any changes in your mood.

We don’t just communicate with others by our body language, we also communicate with ourselves. Did you know that when people were asked to hold a pen between their teeth whilst a joke was told, they found the joke funnier than those who just heard it? The reason is that your face is ”forced” into a smile. There is feedback from the smile which the brain interprets as something being funny.

Spend a moment reflecting on phrases we use that describe body language. “Things were looking up…” when things are going well. “He was downcast” when he was feeling low. “On their knees…” when they were feeling desperate. There are many of them.

If we walk looking up, then our spirits will be lifted too. I am not saying that this will fix all your ills and make life perfect, but it is a helpful tool to have in your kit. It can help lift low mood and relieve stress and anxiety. However, do watch where you are walking so you don’t fall down a manhole!

I work with folk who are feeling stressed and anxious or are overwhelmed with life. I help them through counselling and EFT (which is a bit like acupuncture for emotions where you tap on parts of your body rather than use needles) to develop strategies to help them deal with stress, anxiety and low mood.

If you feel you would like some help, then please get in touch with me at Newcastle Counselling: 07901 218 165 or (see the contact page). I have bases in Gosforth and Jesmond. I also offer on-line counselling services.